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When you’re seeking lab testing for professional or personal purposes in the Kansas City metropolitan area, ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City can provide the accurate, confidential results you need. Our clean, comfortable lab is centrally located near Westport and the Plaza, making it convenient for businesses downtown and south of the city center.

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No matter what sort of professional testing you need, ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City can provide it. We offer a wide range of testing services, including STD testing, allergy testing, DNA testing, clinical lab testing, drug testing, DOT testing, alcohol screening, and even biometric testing for corporate wellness programs. We offer on-site and mobile testing in addition to our testing at our walk-in Midtown facility, which doesn’t require an appointment. All of our lab testing can be conducted without a doctor’s orders or insurance, saving you the expense of a high co-pay and the inconvenience of excessive wait times.

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Drug & Alcohol Testing in Kansas City

Drug and alcohol abuse are serious issues nationwide, and Kansas City is no exception. If you suspect a child, friend, family member, or employee of drug or alcohol abuse, testing at ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City can confirm or refute your suspicions. We offer a range of drug testing and alcohol screening services for individuals and businesses both sides of the state line, including the following:

DOT Testing

We can partner with your business to provide DOT-compliant drug and alcohol testing, ensuring the safety of your employees, the public, and your fleet. ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City has partnered with large and small companies and can even provide consortium assignment assistance.

Alcohol Testing

Whether conducted on- or off-the-clock, alcohol use can impact a worker or loved one’s productivity and emotional and physical health. Alcohol testing at ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City will reveal BAC levels for legal purposes.

Standard Drug Testing Panels

To reveal whether a friend, family member, or employee is using a commonly-abused drug, opt for our standard drug testing panels, including 5-panel and 10-panel tests. These panels drugs test for cocaine, marijuana, and heroin, among other drugs. ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City can also conduct prescription drug testing.

Synthetic Drug Testing Panels

Synthetic drugs are growing increasingly more popular despite their potentially fatal effects. Since these can’t be detected with a standard drug test, we offer special synthetic drug testing panels to identify use of synthetic marijuana, cocaine, and heroin, among others.

Hair Testing & Fingernail Testing

When you need to determine an individual’s drug use over a longer period, try hair or fingernail testing at ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City! We can measure months of drug use accurately through these non-invasive drug testing procedures.

Employment Screenings at ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City

Your company deserves the best employees — and ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City can help ensure that you make smart hiring decisions with our pre-employment screening assistance. This includes:

  • Background screening, such as obtaining driving records, credit histories, and criminal records
  • Pre-employment drug screenings, including on-site testing at your office or testing at our comfortable Midtown facility

DNA & Paternity Testing at ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City

Seeking a paternity test for legal matters? Searching for an immigration DNA testing provider? ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City provides all these services and more in Midtown Kansas City — all at an affordable price with the guarantee of accurate results. Our familiarity with chain of custody and work with AABB-accredited analysts means we provide court-admissible results when you need them.

Lab Testing from ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City

Receive the same blood work and quality lab testing services you expect from a doctor’s office or clinic without the high price tag or long wait times. ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City provides clinical lab testing to help you best gauge your health.

Select any of our individual lab tests or save money by purchasing a bundle of clinical tests in a panel, including Heart Health Lab Testing Panels, Female/Male Health Lab Panels, Allergy Testing and a broad spectrum of Clinical Blood Tests (Cholesterol, Glucose, Thyroid, Kidney, Liver, Hormones, PSA, Testosterone, etc.)

When you need lab testing in Midtown Kansas City, ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City can provide professional, accurate, and affordable service. Contact us today or call (816) 875-0464 to learn more about our testing services for businesses and individuals.