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EtG Hair Testing in Kansas City, MO

EtG Hair Alcohol Tests

Our lab is full-service, Third Party Providers (TPP) of EtG / EtS alcohol testing. If you are a business wanting to detect long-term alcohol use, an attorney in need of alcohol testing for a client defense, or a social services worker charged with investigating potential substance abuse issues impacting a child’s welfare, this form of alcohol testing will prove useful.

Monitor long-term alcohol use and abuse with a hair EtG analysis from ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City, MO.

Hair testing for EtG metabolites is a very accurate way to determine recent alcohol use. This alcohol screening method is highly sensitive and can detect alcohol consumption even months after the event. Our labs can even provide this unique method of alcohol testing on-site for businesses and individuals.

How does hair alcohol testing work?

The body produces EtG and EtS when alcohol is present in the bloodstream. The EtG markers that are absorbed into the hair structure are analyzed from a sample of hair.

The EtG hair follicle alcohol testing time frame for a half inch strand of hair is thirty days. The most recent 3.9 cm of hair is generally considered first by our lab for the most effective sample we can collect for this specific EtG alcohol hair drug test. Contact ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City, MO location to find out more about EtG hair alcohol testing, collections and results.

How much hair do you need for the alcohol hair test?

Human hair is said to grow at the rate of one half inch or 1.5 cm per month. A standard ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City, MO hair follicle EtG screen requires typically 40 mg of hair (about 40-70 strands of hair).

Confirmation testing will require more (depending upon the testing laboratory where the sample is sent) and ranges from 100 to 250 mg of hair (about the width of a Sharpie marker). Four to five small samples are taken to achieve the proper amount (instead of taking the hair from one spot). Depending upon the amount of hair you have, you most likely will not be able to tell.

EtG Hair Alcohol Testing shows extended history of alcohol use and is used for:

  • Custody Cases
  • Employment Screening
  • Proves Eligibility for liver transplant

Learn More About Our Testing Services

ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City, MO offers hair alcohol tests by qualified technicians. Call ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City, MO to learn about EtG hair alcohol testing.