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Cancer Screen in Kansas City, MO

Cancer Screen Panels

A cancer screen (blood test) from ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City, MO can provide early detection for some types of cancer and thus enable early treatment. With the exception of blood cancers, blood tests generally can’t absolutely tell whether you have cancer or some other noncancerous condition, but they can give your doctor clues about what’s going on inside your body.

Samples collected from cancer blood tests, urine tests or other methods are analyzed in a laboratory for clues.that identify what is going on, be it cancer or something else. The cancer screen samples collected may show cancer cells, proteins or other substances that can be produced as a result of cancer, and therefore may indicate its presence.

Blood and urine tests can also provide information about how well your organs are functioning and if they have been affected.

There are a variety of screens and panels that can provide your doctor information about what is happening in order to make accurate diagnoses and put together a treatment plan designed specifically for you. Knowledge is power. Tap into yours today.

Although ARCpoint provides many different lab tests without a doctor’s order, some, like cancer screens, require the knowledge, education and experience of a physician to be understood and interpreted properly. If you suspect something serious is happening with your health, and especially if you are concerned it may be cancer, contact your physician immediately.

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